Reading the Signs

I’ve met an interesting girl the old fashioned way — by asking a guy at work if his sister is hot and available. Turns out she is available, and she’s not bad looking. I’m not looking for a super model, but if my first thought at seeing a woman is “well, I suppose I could work really hard at loving her someday and overlook her obvious disfigurement” then the relationship isn’t going to happen. Needless to say, I didn’t think this when I met my friend’s sister.

Plus, there are other positive signs. Firstly, she’s obsessed with anime. Secondly, she lives in a mobile home behind her Christian, former-hippy parents in rural Washington. Thirdly, she lives near Bremerton. (To find out why Bremerton matters at all, you must know of MxPx and their song “Move to Bremerton” [lyrics].)

Anyway, I met her when playing Nintendo Wii with my friend Teddy from work. Teddy informs me she “wants to watch anime with you sometime.” So hey, I’m thinking this is a good sign.

Speaking of the Wii, it’s an awesome system for party games. Probably not so much the “I’m gonna fight and kill for hours and then pretend to steal cars and run over people” type of games, but definitely good for multiplayer action and mini-games. I ended up playing Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz with Teddy, his sister, and his cousin for about six hours yesterday. It has some excellent mini-games. Some of the games are horrible, but most of them are intriguing and playable on a repetitive basis in a quest for glory and bragging rights.

“Ha, I can totally play simulated pool way better than you can! I’m the man!”

Oh yeah. That’s right. I’m the man.