Snails See the Benefits

I’ve recently been made aware that February only includes 28 days unless it’s a leap year then it has 29 days.

if year mod 400 eq 0 then leap
else if year mod 100 eq 0 then no_leap
else if year mod 4 eq 0 then leap
else no_leap

Needless to say my mathematically challenged amigos, this February does not have 29 days. Tomorrow is the end of it. February, yet again, we discard you sooner than the other months.

The month ends well though. I get a huge bonus tomorrow from work which I’m excited about. And by “huge” I mean it’s the only bonus I’ve ever received so it’s infinitely bigger than nothing.

About five minutes ago I decided I will be moving to a new location on April 1st. Fear not, dear friends, I will only be moving within a ten mile radius at the maximum. Now the part that isn’t worked out yet is _where_ I will be moving, but I’ve got ideas. I need to save up money for a bed though.

I don’t own a bed.

“He will have nowhere to lay his head.”

I’ll let you know how it goes.

100/4 =

It’s been a decent week. At the tail-end I’m finding myself tired, but I’ve had enough positive interaction with the human element of the world to get me through a few more days. I’ve been leaning heavily on WoW for moral support, and I’ve actually had a few decent messages on Facebook this week despite its norm of small talk and idle chatter.

Work is okay, but contributes to tiredness. I had one excellent call to start my day, but inevitably the day was also filled by an assortment of idiots, a******s, and ungrateful bastards. Next time you call a corporate 1-800 # please remember the person answering is a human, too. Sure, some of them suck, but some of us actually care. Or at least try to care.

I’m waiting for my latest shipment from Amazon to cheer me up. I’ve got a couple CDs, a comic book (The Dane recommended Love Is A Foreign Language, so I’m grabbing it), and Dr. Strangelove on the way.

I love Dr. Strangelove. I can’t wait to pull that insane, wheel-chair-bound, German scientist out of the box to hear his madness.

By the way, if you’re looking for the answer, it’s One Quarter of a Century.

Jerk Quotient

I’ve determined that two to four percent of the calls I answer every day come from complete jerks. I define complete jerks as people who, for whatever reason, have decided to take out their personal problems on me. I dislike this people and they make the job less-than-thrilling. I would say at least two to four percent fall on the opposite end of the scale, but it’s the jerks I remember.

Update: Oddly, this comic at Questionable Content is vaguely related to the wordplay in the title of this post.

Tell Me More About Your Pain

As a requirement for a refund for a certificate program I was reading about, the certification company requests the following:
• A copy of all 20 official rejection letters (for job applications).

This company knows what they’re doing. I know few men or women who would debase themselves enough to admit, “Yes, I got turned down for twenty different jobs worldwide. I am educated and intelligent, but still have nothing to offer the world. I want my $1000 back.”