Clouds and Singing Along

I realized at some point tonight while driving home that my hand kept flipping a switch to activate my windshield wipers. At this point, I noticed it was raining. I’ve become so used to rain it doesn’t register as a significant event to me.

Training officially ends tomorrow. I’m not frightened anymore — I’m starting to get into the routine. I’ve got most of the basics down at this point and it’s only the more complicated situations I’m still unprepared for.

The largest aspect of this job I still need to learn is understanding people. I don’t mean understand what they say or questions they ask; I want to understand how people think and exactly how they’re trying to manipulate me.

For instance, I spoke to a woman today in a difficult situation. I empathized and sympathized and did all I could to correct her problem. Out of pity (and partially just so she’d stop being angry), I gave her some money back. Then I realized she’d already done the same thing before. And she still wasn’t happy.

I let her ramble about her cat for five minutes until she felt a bit better. Then I told her she couldn’t have something she wanted, and she proceeded to tell me about the horrible medical conditions she and her entire family face and why she shouldn’t have to pay so much money when she has all these problems.

Needless to say, no easy resolution. After an hour and fifteen minutes the call ended with her being slightly more pleased and I needed to breathe a few moments before addressing the all-important and undeniably crucial needs of the next customer.

Some days all I want to do is become a pirate.

A Pirate

Okay, maybe a more fearsome pirate.