You Are Born and Then

Work goes okay these days. My brain feels squished against the wall of the Unknown. So I work to tear down the wall and am continually amazed at the sheer height and breadth of said wall. If you’ve never encountered the wall, I would recommend not trying to conquer it.

World of Warcraft continues to drain my free time. I’m paying $15/mo for it so I might as well get my money’s worth from it. It’s a nice break from reality though and a seemingly lesser vice than other avenues I could pursue.

Seemingly. It’s not to the point where I’ve left my wife and abandoned my kids for the sake of my guild “The Righteous Alliance of Knights Who Be Holy and Awesome.” A better guild no man could have. **1**

I watched the first episode of Beauty and the Geek last night. Those geeks make me jealous. They’re true geeks. When asked what “booty” was several of them defined it as being “pirate’s treasure.” One described himself as being a huge hip-hop fan and when told the “ghetto” meaning of “booty” he stated “now the songs make a lot more sense.”

So this’ll be it for now. Have a good night.

**1** please note sarcasm and lack of serious. The guild I’m in is actually called “Knights of the Alliance,” has over 400 members, and sucks at killing horde. If you’re Alliance, you want to be good at killing horde. We’ve got a long way to go. (And it’s not “my” guild, just the guild I’m in.)