Feel the Power!

After about six days w/o any power or electricity, I have returned to the Electricity Age. I managed to clasp onto the information age through my wireless phone which, amazingly, never lost service (thanks VZW). I must also give thanks to the friends who provided me heat, food, and showers.

So here’s how it all went down.

Wednesday: The power died before I got home. It came back on sometime before 3AM.
Thursday: The power was on when I got home, but died sometime around 5AM.
Friday – Tuesday morning: No power at all.

That is until tonight. It’s still cold as hell and nothing in the freezer is yet frozen so I assume it only returned recently. However, the heat has never worked in most of the basement. I’m glad it’s on in my room again!

Saturday I was fortunate. I called up a family I know in Seattle and was offered warmth in their Purple House. I drove over and spent most of the day there. It actually worked out really nicely. After I showered, I was invited down to the neighbors house. The neighbors are non-practicing New York Jews who had a fine spread of NY bagels and smoked Nova Scotia salmon. Add salmon to my list of favorite raw meats. Combined with the food, I received a dose of Pacific NorthWestern liberalism. Talk of war, a president gone bad, and Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct consumed the time.

They even asked my opinion on the war and why I stood behind it. Or, rather, why I used to stand behind it. Where’s the plan for victory? Where’s the plan for stability? There is none.

After that, I hung around the Purple House for a bit and then went for coffee and soup with the family’s daughter. She recently returned from two years in Guatemala so we had quite a lot to talk about related to her experience there, international politics in general, and many other things. I enjoyed it.

Sunday is another good story. Church in the morning was interesting. There was no power atthe church building yet so after Sunday School upstairs and slightly shivering, everybody gathered downstairs with candles and flashlight. One of my roommates is a British-American. His mother (a British-Frenchwoman) is renting a local condo during the Christmas season. She happened to have power. I was invited over for dinner. (And, of course, I took a shower and charged my phone.)

The dinner was quite nice. We ate Squash Soup (made from pumpkin and assorted spices), pasta (emphasis on the short “a” sound), and bread. Wine or sparkling water for beverage choices. For dessert, mincemeat pie and ice cream.

The guest list at this dinner was quite interesting as well. My roommate and his ex-wife and two kids were there. His mother and her partner (a French man) were also present. Rounding out the guest list were a couple of older Anglican men who I strongly presume to be homosexual.

So that was an interesting night as well.

And I’m hungry and tired of typing so you’ll forgive me if I run off and celebrate my newly resurrected microwave and all of it’s amazing powers.