Stick A Fork In It

I just cooked one of the best meals I’ve ever done. I bought a huge, juicy steak at the grocery store after work tonight. When I got home and finished filling the refrigerator, I got down to business and begin cooking. Now, I don’t really use recipes. I called Benjamin for a bit of advise, but essentially all I did was cook the meat, flipping it every few minutes, until it looked done (slightly non-bloody, but plenty o’ pink). Oh, and I smeared a bit of oregano on it.

It turned out pretty good. After eating it I realized that steak has been a missing part of my diet for far too long, and I will be cooking more of it now.

For beverage, I drank the last Fat Tire in the fridge. For side-dishes, I cooked broccoli and French bread w/ butter. Mmm, mmm, good. It’s worth the effort to cook a good meal on occasion.