The Forecast Calls for Rain

The Forecast - Rain

You think the forecast looks bad today… when I checked it yesterday it showed rain for all five days. It’s one thing hearing about the rain, and it’s quite another seeing it. However, I did have a native tell me that it doesn’t normally rain this much here. However, I like the rain, so it should all work out okay.

Just to clear this up for everybody: I live in a room in a house. Good ole Craigslist hooked me up about a week before I drove out here.

It ends up that I found virtually the only rental space in the entire small town I live in (~1000 people). I’ve got a diverse bunch of roommates. The landlord, who doesn’t actually live here, is an African guy from Cameroon. The lady who lives in the upstairs half of the house is originally from Iceland. Sharing the basement with me are two guys. One of them, Guy, has dual citizenship here and in England. British accent. The other guy (haha) is from Romania.

I like it so far. It’s a hardcore bachelor pad. There’s no kitchen in the basement — just a couple of hot plates and a microwave for cooking. It’ll do ’cause I never used the oven much anyway, but so much for frozen pizzas. And it’s not like I have to stay here forever anyway.

So the next big thing I need to get done here is work on establishing my residency. i.e. I need to find out where the DMV resides. Wish me luck with that.