At Arm’s Length

Self-Portrait in WyomingWyoming!

Self-Portrait in MontanaMontana!

Self-Portrait in IdahoIdaho!

Wanapum LakeWashington!: Wait, what happened to the self-portrait meme? Alas, no self-portrait in Washington.

Status Update: I’ve made it to Washington safely. Many thanks for the prayers. God moved an entire storm system out of my way. Spokan-area weather anchor: “The wind has blown this storm every which way except where it was supposed to be.” I drove through some snow crossing over the last mountains before Seattle, but other than that all was fine.

I’ve already begun settling into my room. I unpacked everything last night. Fortunately, the room is furnished, so that’s helped with getting used to the place. I bought groceries yesterday, and I drove all around the city looking for various stores today. I know where to buy food, books, music, clothes, electronics, and just about anything else I could need. It’s important to know these things.

Today the big purchase was a wi-fi adaptor for my computer. That’s why I’m posting right now. Oh yeah, baby, look at him wirelessly surf this world! Woo!