I’d Like a Background Chorus, Please

It’s quite easy to give away earthly possessions. People line up to take them. “Yes, I will take your couch. Are the end tables still available? What about the table, I’d like to have your table!” I’ve succeeded in giving away most of it. Just a couple more items today and I’ll be rid of most of my furniture.

It turns out I’ll be making the drive solo in my vehicle. I won’t be able to fit everything in my car, but my parents assure me they’ll bring the rest of my items sometime in the spring.

Today’s agenda:
– repackage boxes
– give away desk and end tables
– ruthlessly sort items by importance and dispose of the unwanted
– develop a large pile of items to take to Salvation Army
– vote
– drink several beers

A guy at work gave me a six pack of Henry Weinhardt’s Root Beer when I left. I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit.

However, when I say “drink several beers,” it more likely refers to this being my last night to visit Shorty’s… my favorite bar ever. Everyone knows my name… or at least three of the bar tenders–who’re all awesome people–and a few assorted regulars. This will be my last “hurrah” here before vanishing into the misty rain of the Pacific Northwest never to emerge again.