It’s the end of my job as I know it. Last night I had my last full night of work, and this evening I only had to do my exit interview with one of the upper management before I got out of there.

Things I found out: I had been in consideration for an upcoming system administration position, but my manager neglected to tell me. If I could’ve stayed here, made a lot more money, plus gotten additional training and certifications, I probably would’ve done it. But it’s a little too late now.

Exit interviews are kinda odd like that. You find out things you didn’t know, and you tell somebody things they didn’t know about problems within the department. I made lots of complaints about ergonomics, generic complaints about coworkers, and voiced a few general gripes I’ve heard from friends of mine who work in other positions. I don’t know how much good it will do, but hopefully I voiced things in such a way that it’ll be considered and result in positive change. Who knows though.

I may have a place lined up to live. It’ll be fairly affordable and not far from my new job once I make the move. I’ll be finalizing details on it hopefully by Monday or Tuesday. My target for moving is next Friday, but I’ve still got to work out details of how I will move my things up there.

More updates later. For now, Jack’s Mannequin on my headphones.