The New Place

The New PlaceThe New Place: This is where I live at present. It’s nothing fancy, but I like it. I set up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I may not have many friends here, but I have my tree and a few good songs to keep me going.

It snowed here today. It wasn’t a total shock because I’d seen the forecast, but I enjoyed watching the white flakes land and hide the green grass beneath a wet touch.

I’m beginning to wish I lived with anyone capable of cooking. The bachelor life can be frustrating in that respect. I’m not a good cook, but at least I can manage. Tonight will be microwaved frozen chicken as I don’t care to brave the cold and grill outside.

Eat ‘Em While They’re Fresh and Juicy

Mmm, turkey. It’s worked out that I won’t have to suffer my own cooking for Thanksgiving — I’ve been invited to be an extra at the dinner of a local family I know. Score one for the good guy! Yes, I am a good guy.

So work’s been fine so far. It’s nothing all that exciting, but I’m excited that they’ve actually got a well defined training program. The company is a lot stricter than others I’ve worked for in the past, but I can live with that. Being on time and having integrity aren’t undesirable qualities to attain.

I’m already planning for the future, and by “future” I mean career. It’s kinda cool how many opportunities I’ll have within the next few years in this respect. This is my first job that actually has any potential to lead somewhere. After one year to 15 months I can aim for my first promotion, and this could be as big as a 15% pay raise depending on which position I get.

This isn’t even taking into account other opportunities pending completion of related graduate school courses and deciding what I want to do with my life.

But regardless of all of that, I’m enjoying being placed in an environment where I can learn a lot about something interesting (holy crap does a lot go into wireless technology), knowing that I’m not in a dead-end job, and experiencing a different local environment than I’m used to.

The rain isn’t causing any nervous breakdowns yet, but it’s strange to adjust to. I realized today that the rain has me feeling like I’m in the wrong season — it’s not winter-like enough. But I’ll adjust as best as I can.

And heck, if I don’t like it I can move to California in a year to 15 months. I’ve always wanted to live in Paradise. California is my Eden with the major differences being that when I left it no angels with giant swords were posted to guard against my return. Therefore, I can return to California.

Oh, California…

The Forecast Calls for Rain

The Forecast - Rain

You think the forecast looks bad today… when I checked it yesterday it showed rain for all five days. It’s one thing hearing about the rain, and it’s quite another seeing it. However, I did have a native tell me that it doesn’t normally rain this much here. However, I like the rain, so it should all work out okay.

Just to clear this up for everybody: I live in a room in a house. Good ole Craigslist hooked me up about a week before I drove out here.

It ends up that I found virtually the only rental space in the entire small town I live in (~1000 people). I’ve got a diverse bunch of roommates. The landlord, who doesn’t actually live here, is an African guy from Cameroon. The lady who lives in the upstairs half of the house is originally from Iceland. Sharing the basement with me are two guys. One of them, Guy, has dual citizenship here and in England. British accent. The other guy (haha) is from Romania.

I like it so far. It’s a hardcore bachelor pad. There’s no kitchen in the basement — just a couple of hot plates and a microwave for cooking. It’ll do ’cause I never used the oven much anyway, but so much for frozen pizzas. And it’s not like I have to stay here forever anyway.

So the next big thing I need to get done here is work on establishing my residency. i.e. I need to find out where the DMV resides. Wish me luck with that.