Don’t Cry for Me

By the way, I hope the new poem didn’t freak you out too much. I was listening to The Black Parade and was inspired. It’s dark and taken from a different perspective, but I’m proud of how some of the lines turned out.

If you care, the album (My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade) goes on sale tomorrow. It’s $10 at Target or Best Buy. Target’s closer so I’ll probably buy it there.

Last album before I move, I swear! Somebody hold me to that. Oh wait, I’ve got another eBay auction going… okay, last four albums before I move.

Apartment Shopping 2.0

I started looking for rooms to rent tonight. As nice as an apartment would be, they seem to be incredibly expensive compared. Why pay $800/month for a one-bedroom apartment when I can just as easily find a room in a house for $450 to $500 a month?

So I’ve sent a few emails and now I just need to hope I hear back soon.

I’m still waiting on them to finish my background check. As such, I haven’t been able to give notice at my job yet. I’m really hoping I hear tomorrow so I can take care of that. The more time I have to get up there the better ’cause it’s gonna be a long drive.

Ever heard of Freecycle? It’s a website that helps “people to find new homes for things they no longer want.” In essence: don’t want your old couch anymore? Give it away. Got a recliner you don’t want to drag across country? Give it away.

I’ve never actually used the site before but I’m going to try to unload a couple items before moving. I’ll let you know how it goes.