The Unforgotten One

The Unforgotten One
A Poem by Erundur Anwamehtar

“I’m just a man, I’m not a hero.” — My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade

Carry me away shrouded in black
regret, tucked inside this coffin,
while you say your last wish
though it never comes true
’cause I’m never

coming back to you.

Put me away

and don’t build a shrine.

I never wanted worship,
I hated your eyes —
filled with the look, the longing,

the love

for a saviour who never

to rescue you.

this is not a fire escape,
a black steel embrace.

I decorate this coffin,
this shaped wood holds
a corpse in finery,
proof that I’ll never be


Spend tonight editing,
reshuffling the cards,
make life what you want it to be
a stacked deck with no dead

despite what temptation lends.

a shot or two and you’d be finished
you could forget all and sag
against the wall if

deception fails you.

In all your life, one thing fails
not. Cling, cling, cling,
don’t let go as you choke
on suffocating tears,
a veil upon your face.

Don’t watch for ghosts
as the years pass
nothing will come but memories
to haunt you
even though you played so well
and took life as it fell.

Good bye, I’ll never say
good bye, I’ll never hear
good bye, as I go the chorus sings
good bye.