The Good News and the Good News

This week has been very successful. I managed to land a test for a job position with a major American company today. The good news: I passed the test.

I have additional good news. Because of whackiness with my flight schedule and the interview schedule, they rescheduled the interview for today. Right after the test. I kicked that interview’s… err… I owned that interview’s…. uh…. I successfully, tactfully, punctually, motivatedly, progressively, diversely rocked that interview’s world.

Amen! I’ll find out on Monday if I get the job. They’re not allowed to do “certain things” on Fridays. For example, they can’t hire people.

But I’m excited anyway! Woo! Seattle (Bellevue!!!) here I come. Hopefully. Monday can get here as soon as it wants this week.

3 thoughts on “The Good News and the Good News”

  1. It’s not about luck, Phil, it’s about skills. I have mad skills.

    Seriously, though, you just gotta be willing to look. I would suggest get out to some job fairs in Omaha and expand the possibilities. I had calls from three other people who I just didn’t have time to follow up with and a couple more people I could’ve contacted further, but didn’t. Sure, you won’t necessarily find your dream career, but you could get out of the hellish environs you presently occupy. With your degree you can definitely find something better that’ll pay you at least as well if not better now that you’ve got “experience.”

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