I Need New Feet

I do not recommend aimlessly wandering downtown streets in search of a bus route. I was confused about which road to catch to take the bus back north out of the downtown area. My feet walked uphill, downhill, and quite a ways north before realizing I was on the wrong road. I found another road, then realized it was the wrong road. Eventually, I found the write road.

The good news is this came after the job fair.

The job fair was at Safeco Field

I submitted probably ten different resumes in pursuit of opportunities ranging from valet attendant to recruiter to enrollment advisor. I’m expecting at least a couple of the managers will get back to me about my applications for these positions.

The hard part may be deciding how much of a pay cut I’m willing to take. I fully expect to be offered at least one position, but can I work for a third less money?

We’ll see.

Statutes of Seattle Fire Department employees doing their best to fight an unseen enemy