Various Vistas

Overlooking Puget Sound
Look, a Photo of Cal!: I managed to make the self-timer work well enough to snap off this photo of me while I was in Seattle a few weeks ago. The Puget Sound is behind me.

Following are more photos I took on my travels to Seattle to scope out the area and land a job. These photos explain why I want to move to the area.

The Quad: This is an area at the UW campus where there’s a nice walkway with some Japanese cherry trees between various campus buildings.

Gas Guzzling Liars and Thieves

I went to Target today to spend a gift card. The credit card companies give you “free” money when you spend enough. I don’t even want to look at my bill, but I was quite willing to spend the gift card.

I had a major accomplishment when undertaking this quest: I bypassed buying a CD. Instead, I bought a couple DVDs. But, still, I passed up music. I haven’t done that this year, especially using money without an intended purpose.

I walked out to my car, went to another store, returned to my car, went to another store, and returned to my car.

This girl, probably 16, walks up to me.

“Hey, man, I hope you can help me out… my car broke down out on the highway… this lady gave me a ride, but I need money for gas. Can you help me out man?”

So I gave her money. I didn’t ask what highway. I didn’t offer to drive to the gas station and fill up the tank myself. I gave it to her. She walked back to another car and hopped in the back.

I ask myself, “Why is she in front of JC Penny’s if she needs gas?” “What highway? She’s not near a gas station and she’s not _that_ near a highway.” “What’s a 16 year old girl driving around on a highway for without gas money?”

I’m fairly sure I got swindled all because I didn’t have the guts to ask a few simple questions to verify her story. All because I didn’t want to call her a liar.

So she can have the money, and if she did lie to me I fervently hope God punishes her for it.


Time keeps ticking off the clock. Last night, however, it went in reverse and I somehow found myself living in the same hour twice. Almost like Groundhog Day, but it’s October. Forget saving daylight, though, that’s a thing of the past. And the future!

I’ve only got three full days of work left. It’s kinda weird. I’m beginning to say goodbye to various people now, but it doesn’t feel quite real. I can’t imagine not seeing these people on a daily or weekly basis. I’ve been working there for almost two years altogether and somehow I feel like I’m leaving behind family. Yeah, cliche, I know, but the bonds are there and I don’t know what else to call it.

It’s not that I feel guilty. I don’t… this is the best decision I can make right now. But I’m giving up a familiar place I don’t hate nearly as much as I convinced myself at times, and now I’m traveling into the unknown. An unfamiliar job, an unfamiliar city, a non-existent social life. How long until the culture shock, boredom, and desperation hits me? It all depends, I guess. I’ll need to find friends. A church. New familiar places in the vast sea of PacificNorthWesternness that I won’t fully understand at first.

The frightening part is that it starts soon. Less than three weeks now.

Pray that I find somewhere to live. I don’t have that figured out yet.

Don’t Cry for Me

By the way, I hope the new poem didn’t freak you out too much. I was listening to The Black Parade and was inspired. It’s dark and taken from a different perspective, but I’m proud of how some of the lines turned out.

If you care, the album (My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade) goes on sale tomorrow. It’s $10 at Target or Best Buy. Target’s closer so I’ll probably buy it there.

Last album before I move, I swear! Somebody hold me to that. Oh wait, I’ve got another eBay auction going… okay, last four albums before I move.

Apartment Shopping 2.0

I started looking for rooms to rent tonight. As nice as an apartment would be, they seem to be incredibly expensive compared. Why pay $800/month for a one-bedroom apartment when I can just as easily find a room in a house for $450 to $500 a month?

So I’ve sent a few emails and now I just need to hope I hear back soon.

I’m still waiting on them to finish my background check. As such, I haven’t been able to give notice at my job yet. I’m really hoping I hear tomorrow so I can take care of that. The more time I have to get up there the better ’cause it’s gonna be a long drive.

Ever heard of Freecycle? It’s a website that helps “people to find new homes for things they no longer want.” In essence: don’t want your old couch anymore? Give it away. Got a recliner you don’t want to drag across country? Give it away.

I’ve never actually used the site before but I’m going to try to unload a couple items before moving. I’ll let you know how it goes.