Life is So Engaging This Time of Year

Updated: Now with pictures!

Alright, I’ll give you one guess who just got engaged? (If you didn’t go to college with me, you can ignore the question.)

Yup, you’re right, Tracy and Scott! Congratulations to both of you!

Tracy and Scott - 1

I called Tracy yesterday after hearing the news. She was at work and struggling incredibly to not laugh and giggle out loud. I expect if she’d been anywhere else she would have yelled, “YES! I’m SOOO HAPPY!” But she was definitely smiling.

Tracy and Scott - 2

So now the big question is: who’s next? I think we already know who it will be. Phil, hurry up and ask her already. It’s been six months, that’s more than enough time. Rock the Nav style, dude. ;)

(If you’re interested, Tracy has a picture of the ring on her site.)

8 thoughts on “Life is So Engaging This Time of Year”

  1. Probably not…it’s my bridesmaid dress from Linsey’s wedding. It’s in my closet but I haven’t had a good excuse to get that dressed up since then. Otherwise I’d wear it because it’s gorgeous!

  2. If you really want to help, you could make a donation to the Phil Is Poor Foundation. Please send cash.

  3. Why, what’s on Wednesday?

    Phil, love is patient and kind and doesn’t take lots of money to make possible. If you’re dissatisfied with your income perhaps you should try for a guest spot on Deal or No Deal.

  4. lunch with Tracy. She comes over on her break from work and it is AMAZING and very short…sad.

    As for your comment to Phil. I very sassily want to say love, who said anything about love???? What’s love got to do with it?

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