I believe I’ll look back on this week as one of the focal points of the year. Why? Because I find myself and a lot of my local friends going through a number of huge changes.

1) Me – I’m moving. No, still not to the Wild West Coast. Actually, I’m back with my parents. The deal we struck is that this shall not last more than three months. I’m paying rent, and I’ve moved all of my furniture and a majority of my possessions into a storage unit. The goal is to land a job on my weeklong vacation to Seattle next month and then get out of here.

2) Benjamin – He’s a good friend from work. Wednesday was his birthday. As cool as that is, it’s not the highlight of his week. He gets a key to his first house today. Kinda exciting. It’ll be weird though ’cause we won’t live a few hundred feet away from each other anymore. This will seriously hamper our efforts to beat Burnout Revenge! (Which, by the way, rocks. I love Road Rage.)

3) Smyly – He is my (now-former) roommate. He’s getting married tomorrow. Combine this with our lease being up on the 30th and things will be a bit hectic. My main worry is that we get all the paperwork with our landlord properly addressed before he takes off on his Hawaiian honeymoon.

4) Gail – a lady at work who has been with the company longer than I’ve been alive is retiring. I don’t know her all that well, but she’s shared a lot of knowledge and, more importantly, awesome stories with me in the year I’ve been working there. Tomorrow is her last day.

I’m sure I could come up with some more things, but these things alone make the week seem “bigger” than usual. Somehow life feels primed for a transition even if I wasn’t already planning for the massive change of relocating.

2 thoughts on “Tumult”

  1. tumult is a great word…

    ANYWAYS… I am glad you found a place to live. For a while it looked like your dreams of being homeless were coming true (that was you wasn’t it?!).

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