All the Apple News

All the news from the Apple event today has been reported elsewhere (Engadget and, Gizmodo, among others — some are crashing right now from the strain of visitors like me), but I’ll give you a quick summary.

New iPod models: 30GB for $250, 80GB for $350. These feature longer battery life, brighter screen, and games (Bejeweled, Mahjong, Pac Man, Tetris, Texas Hold ‘Em, and more).

New iPod nano models: 2GB (silver) for $150, 4GB (all colors except black) for $199, 8GB (all colors) for $250

iTunes 7: new views including “Cover Flow” view (browse by album cover), upgraded video resolution in the store (H.264 encoded at 640 x 480 resolution “near DVD quality”). Some other interface tweaks. Should be available for download from later today.

iTunes Movies!: So far, only Disney and Disney-owned companies are on board (Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, Miramax). Most movies for $9.99, new releases for $12.99 preorder and first week, new releases $14.99 after first week. Over 75 titles at launch.

iTV: This is only a codename as the product won’t be available until Q1 2007. It’s a settop box about half the size of a Mac Mini featuring 802.11 wireless, USB2, Ehternet, HDMI connector for HDTVs, RGB video cables, analog audio jacks, optical audio… pretty much pimpin’. Basically, it should let people stream videos to their TV in HDTV quality. I would speculate it can communicate with your computer via wireless network, but it should also be able to rent videos. This will be a revolutionary product for the digital movie era.

And… that looks to be it. The event closed with a performance from John Legend.

I’m gonna buy one of those 30GB iPods as soon as the store updates. I’m going to upgrade to iTunes 7 as soon as I’m done removing the DRM from all my iTunes 6 purchases and the website gets updated.

Errr…: Five seconds later, the Apple website has been updated. Have at it.

Go West Young Man

I bought a ticket to Seattle. I’ve never bought an individual airline ticket before. Most flights I’ve taken have been with family or as part of a mission trip. This time, it’s just me.

I’m working on developing an itinerary for the trip, but I’ve got a few plans already. The most important event is a career fair I will be going to on October 10 wherein I intend to land employment before the end.

I’m tentatively volunteering for an Agros International fundraising event that happens to be ocurring that weekend. I went to Guatemala with Agros. Basically, they support sustainable development efforts in Latin American nations including Guatemala and Mexico.

The other major goal will, of course, be to check out the University of Washington. This is important because my primary impetus for moving there is to attend UW for graduate studies after gaining residency.

As far as progress on current job applications, I haven’t heard back from anyone. Still. However, I still am in the running for a job with the City and I continue to be hopeful that I’ll hear something anyday.

So we’ll see how this all goes.