Oh, the iPodity

I received my iPod in the mail on Tuesday. Alas, it happens to be the first eBay auction I’ve participated in where I received an item “significantly not as described.” In other words, the damn thing didn’t work. I had the terrific experience of observing the “sad iPod” icon.

If you’ve had a bad computer or other hardware/electronics experience, you’ll understand this feeling. It’s worse than the Blue Screen of Death. It’s worse than a cracked cell-phone screen (unless you’ve got a $300 cell phone). The only thing I can think of that would be worse is seeing coffee spill on a MacBook Pro.

sad iPod iconTo get back to the point, you’ll see the icon on the left. It means the hard drive is busted or the iPod has another major error. It “needs servicing.”

Yeah. Great. Not a chance. So I opened up a dispute in PayPal, I’m going to ship it back, and I should get a full refund. Hopefully. We’ll see how this all turns out.