I’ve actually bothered to socialize this weekend, and it’s a nice change. Yes, I do love watching Stargate:SG-1 and Stargate:Atlantis, but sanity seems so much more reasonable when you get out of the house on occasion.

Last night (Sunday), I went down to a little tavern on the Pearl Street Mall. I headed up to the roof patio and said hi to my friend Andrew who was going to playing some music. It’s kind of his last shindig in town before he and his wife travel around the world then move to L.A.. I didn’t know anyone else there, so I saw a guy with room at his table and asked if I could sit there.

I sat down, we each introduced ourselves, and talked for two and a half hours. The guy turned out to be an Air Force vet who just got done serving four tours of duty in Iraq. He’s got nearly three college degrees and spent a lot of time in London to get one of them. In any case, he was an interesting guy with interesting stories. Turns out I was the first civilian he’d held a real conversation with in about six years.

Tonight I headed up to good old Cow Town (a.k.a. Greeley) to hang out with my Army buddy Mark. We played a table-top Star Wars role-playing game for about five hours. I’ve never tried a table-top RPG before, but I had a lot of fun with it. Basically it involves building a character (species, class), generating its statistics via rolls on dice, and then playing out the game with the guidance of a “game master” who is basically in charge of making sure the game functions well. There’s a lot of dice involved with lots of rolls of dice with a different number of sides: four, six, eight, ten, or twenty sides. It’s really complicated, but I had fun doing it.

Now I’m finally back at home. I haven’t spent much time here this week since I’ve been watching my parent’s place and taking care of the dog.

I’ve got a lot of packages on the way to me in the mail this week that I’m looking forward to getting. I went a bit crazy on eBay last week and won a bid for a 40GB iPod (forth generation – no color), and another bid for twenty punk CDs (New Found Glory, Rx Bandits, The Movielife, and a couple other bands on Drive-Thru Records). I’m pretty stoked about getting both of those. Those packages should fill my music quote for a bit.

I’ve got a book that should be coming in the mail that I traded for. A cookbook. I’m also expecting to get The Matrix and 25th Hour. For those, I traded a PS2 game and a regular Playstation game that I don’t play anymore. It’s nice to be able to replace media that’s essentially worthless to me with things I will actually appreciate owning.

My trades on lala have slowed down quite a bit because most of the items I’m willing to trade are junk nobody wants for some reason. C’mon now, The Brian Setzer Orchestra isn’t that bad, is it? Or maybe Swing just isn’t in style. Have you heard any swing on the radio lately?

One song I’ve been hearing a lot is that song “London Bridge” by Fergie. It’s so dirty, but it’s gotten stuck in my head a few times. Fortunately, I’ve got assorted Rise Against songs stuck in my head more often than either of those.

Another song I’ve had trapped in my skull lately is the Cobra Starship song featured on the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack. Very, very catchy. In fact, I almost prefer the music video to the actual movie. Yes, that’s right, I saw Snakes on a Plane.

To summarize briefly, Snakes on a Plane may be the most violent and gore-filled movie I have ever seen in my life. Sure, some war movies have had more blood, but SOAP was filled with non-stop senseless killings for half the movie. I don’t want memories of snakes doing the things they did in that movie. Seriously. Did it really need to kill those naked people or… well, I’ll not go into any more description.

In essence, don’t watch Snakes on a Plane. The funny parts will be much more appreciable down the road when the movie is on TBS or TNT or USA and gets the worst of the nasty cut out.

Well, that’s about all of my pent up blogging from the last week. Enjoy!