I Will Survive

Okay, so today wasn’t exactly fun.

After the nurse stuck the IV in my arm, I began feeling numb and my hands were spasming. Apparently, I was hyperventilating. The doctor got a paper bag for me to breathe into and that helped. The sedatives helped a lot more ’cause after that I don’t remember much of anything.

So the results: I’m not sure how much detail you want. Basically, it doesn’t look like my current problems have anything to do with weird Guatemalan parasites or anything like that, though it may have brought on my current problems.

Essentially, the doctor thinks I need to make some dietary changes. More fiber, less lactose. This will be difficult ’cause I’m on a high-cheese diet. Mac & Cheese, quesadillas, cheese toast, ramen & cheese, cheese and crackers, cheese and sausage, cheese sticks, and cheeseburgers. (This list is slightly exaggerated.) Supposedly I need to start drinking less alcohol, too. (Yup, Monday night was crazy again. Unfortunately somebody has evidence of it on their cell phone so I may post it here myself before you see it in the top 10 at YouTube.)

So hopefully eating better will fix up most of the problems. I hope like crazy it actually works. I’m just a bit scared. I would’ve prefered if it had been some bizarre parasites because then I wouldn’t have to put part of the blame on myself.

That’s it from me for now. Later.

Tonight Will Be Unpleasant

Well, tonight will be quite unpleasant.  I’ve started preparing for tomorrow’s colonoscopy and it involves … uh… not-funness.  In any cae, I’ve got the thing at 9:25AM MDT tomorrow if you wanna be tossing some words up to God asking that I’ll get through it okay.  I’m not exactly looking forward to this experience.

My Morning Jacket – Golden

Band: My Morning Jacket
Song: Golden
Album: It Still Moves

Purpose for posting: Luebbe told me about this song. It relates.

Song lyrics:
Watchin’ a stretch of road,
miles of light explode.
Driftin’ off a thing I’d never done before
watchin’ a crowd roll in.
Out go the lights, it begins.

A feelin’ in my bones I never felt before…
mmm… people always told me
that bars are dark and lonely
and talk is often cheap and filled with air.
Sure, sometimes they thrill me,
but nothin’ could ever chill me
like the way they make time just disappear
feelin’ you are here again. Hot on my skin again.

Feelin’ good a thing I’d never known before.
What does it mean to feel?
Millions of dreams come real.
A feelin’ in my soul I’d never felt before… mmm…
and you always told me
no matter how long it holds me, if it falls apart
or makes us millonaires, you’ll be right here forever.
We’ll go through this thing together
and on heaven’s golden shore we’ll lay our heads.

Emo Bomb

Beware the Emo.

Sunday I spent three hours at the bar playing a seven-card-stud poker tournament. I took second place and won $50 in gift certificates.

Monday night I went to the bar for trivia night. I spent more than $50 on liquor for myself and some of my friends. By the end of the night, I had thirteen drinks even though my memory only recalls these: two Captain Morgan and Coke’s, a Long Island Ice Tea, a Buddweiser, a kamikaze, two Jager Bombs, a Backdraft (they light this one on fire and you drink the fumes afterwards), and a Car Bomb. Supposedly I also had a Three Wise Men and another Kamikaze, but this only makes eleven so I don’t know when I had these other two supposed drinks. If you know much about mixed drinks at all, this much and this kind of liquor destroys people. Tuesday morning I had a massive hangover and didn’t fully sober up until after noon. It’s more than twenty four hours later and my kidneys still seem pissed at me.

Tuesday night I went to the bar. I took second place in the regular seven-card-stud poker game and won $20 in gift certificates. Mi amigo took first place. I didn’t drink anything but cherry coke (grenadine rocks my world) and water. Plus, dinner was free with the gift certificates.

I spent way too much time at the bar the last three days. I regret it. My kidneys regret it.

I’m tired. Physically: ready to sleep. Mentally: ready to quit. Quit what? My job? (The irony regarding my job is that tomorrow I have my One Year Performance Review — I never thought I’d stay this long.) My routine? I need something new. But I’m afraid that chasing something new will lead me back to old problems. Current problems.

I applied for a job. This job wants me to interview. They’re out of town so I’ll likely have to interview out of state. If I get the job, I’ll end up out of country. It’s been four years since I’ve been to the Land of the Rising Sun, but I’m thinking about heading that direction. What’s one or two years?

If nothing else, my routine will change. Instead of chicken strips and whiskey, I’ll eat sushi and drink sake.

Tyler Loves Alaska, but Fears the Bears

Tyler says: “Behold the glory of the frozen wasteland also known as the Arctic!” He also advises that, “sunlight really jacks you up.” Approaching the summer solstice, the sun doesn’t like to leave Alaska alone. Hence, Tyler is up there doing crazy research and stuff.

The Abominable Tyler!
The Abominable Tyler!: He really does exist, even in the Alaskan Arctic at remote research facilities.
(Photo Credits: George Burba)

Polar Bear Drying
Polar Bear Drying: Tyler says, “The closest I came to any part of a polar bear.”
(Photo Credits: George Burba)