Kansas? Who visits Kansas?

Apparently I am the kind of person who visits Kansas. I’m planning on going the weekend after this (1/14) for a wedding (my Jax team leader is getting hooked up!). It’s been well over a year since I’ve set foot or car in Kansas because I lost my main reason for visiting. Even so, I’m kinda looking forward to going back and seeing friends from the end of my college season and perhaps I may even see the main reason I visited Kansas in the first place.

For those of you not from Kansas, the good news is I’ve got a five day weekend so I’m gonna try to head up to Nebraska after the wedding and see some people. It’s been four months so it’s about time, right? And perhaps I’ll even remember to get Tyler’s permission this time before I throw a party at his house.

So how ’bout it Tyler? Let’s get crazy, and I’ll even clean up!