I have a bit of advice for you.

4) Don’t expect an apartment to be self-cleaning. The kitchen looks disastrous, and my laundry needs done, but Christmas doesn’t leave a lot of free time for cleaning quests.
3) If you schedule an appointment to get your car looked-at/worked-on, don’t expect them to get to it for at least a day. My drive to work tomorrow now depends on the mercy of the Volkswagon Engine Gods. I’d call Pizzo, but I haven’t heard from him in at least three months.
2) Don’t drive off without removing the gas pump nozzle from your gas tank.
1) Don’t slam an apple martini. However benign it may look and taste, the vodka will slay your ability to function for the next 2-3 hours.

Something you should do — Listen to good acoustic songs about life lived. It’s relaxing. I’d suggests “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against, “Autobahn (Acoustic)” by Anberlin, and “Memory (Acoustic)” by Sugarcult.

One thought on “Advice”

  1. Good call on the apple martini. I had a sour apple martini at Macaroni grille when nate was in town. Not too shabby. Plus the bartender lives across the hall, so it was on the house. Ching.

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