My Brain Hurts

My brain hurts, but at least it’s not subdural hematoma. I’m either watching too many medical TV shows or just reading too much medical information in general. And no, that’s not why my brain hurts, it’s just why I know the term.

Moving in has gone well. I should probably finish unpacking today, but I got burnt out last weekend and don’t want to do anything with any more boxes. But I will get to it. I also plan on posting a few pictures. I will get to it.

I saw “Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe” yesterday with mis padres. If you like Narnia at all, you’ll probably love the movie. Plotwise, all the main parts stay; however, in typical book-to-movie fashion they change a few parts to make it fit the time constraints. The cinematography was beautiful, the music fit, the talking animals were awesome. It made me feel like a kid again back when I first read it.

I had a hard time realizing how much older I am than any of the four main characters – Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. When I first read the book or saw the older movie adaptations, I would’ve been the age of Lucy or Edmund. Now I’m gonna be twenty-four in about two months and starting to feel somewhat old. Sure, from the perspective of a fifty-year-old, twenty-four seems like nothing. From my perspective, twenty-four seems significant.

Fortunately or not, I’m still just a young, single guy able to go out, have fun, and do whatever. As much as I enjoy the freedom of still being single, I think I’d like some of the things a relationship and marriage brings to life. My closest friends in Colorado are now either married or engaged. In another year, I’ll be one of the few single guys left.

I feel like Ted from “How I Met Your Mother.” I love the show — he’s a 27-year-old single guy looking for a wife. That and it’s just damn funny. Granted, I probably wouldn’t do half the stuff that happens on that show, but anyway. I do overthink and booze does help cut back on the thinking… but who wants to be any kind of drunk?

Quite a few transients seem to be okay with being drunks. Can’t cope with the world? Drink Listerine! Yay! 40% alcohol by volume and minty fresh breath, the hobo’s dream concoction!

It’d be more funny if it wasn’t true.

Musically, I haven’t bought any CDs for a couple months ’cause of newly-acquired budget constraints (a.k.a. apartment), but the bands I’d recommend checking out right now would be the female-singer hard-rocking styles of Fireflight, the punk/emo stylings of Matchbook Romance, and there’s always the Featured Downloads to kill some time.

In other music news, Motion City Soundtrack‘s headlining tour will be in Denver on February 21, 2006. If anyone wants to go, I definitely hope to be there.

Motion City Soundtrack – My Favorite Accident:

You said we were an accident
With accidents you’ll never know what could have been
So we were an accident
You’ll always be my favorite one