I Put a New Address on the Same Old Loneliness

I put a new address on the same old loneliness, but I’m alright with that. I’m not expecting to grow old and die here, but it’s not a bad place to pass the time.

Obviously, the biggest improvement to the apartment scenery today is the appearance of cable TV and internet. The weather also worked to our benefit. The cable guy set it up to be regular cable instead of basic and because it’s about negative two degrees (Fahrenheit) he didn’t want to go back outside to switch it. So we get about forty channels extra for free. Score.

I ended up getting all of my stuff moved in here by Saturday morning with the help of my parents. It’s taken several days, but now I’ve got almost everything unpacked and in its new-proper position. All that’s left to put in place is everything on the bookshelf and a few miscellaneous things I need to find a place for. I may utilize our porch storage space to hide away a few unsightly boxes.

I’m living on the floor again though. I haven’t gone out and bought a bed yet for purely financial reasons, and I talked my parents into loaning me one of their twin beds from the Dungeon. Nothing holding it up though. I did this in college for a while, and I stopped when it got too cold. Fortunately, it’s not as drafty here as it was in my dorm room. And I’m only on the second floor.

I wrote some more on my story yesterday. It’s starting to be a bit more difficult deciding where to take it next and I wonder what it will develop into, but I’m enjoying it. Thanks for the feedback I got from those of you who sent some (aka Tyler).

Anyway, I should probably go… uh… surf the net some more. I need to convince my body to sleep before work tonight, too. And Luebbe is getting here at 5PM, so…. later.

5 thoughts on “I Put a New Address on the Same Old Loneliness”

  1. Cal-
    Your title made me sad and so did your reference to your previous dungeon. When I was having insomnia, I slept on the mattress on the floor so that I could sleep. It was fun to hear your voice tonight. Sorry to bug you at work! But a nice bed!

  2. For the curious, the title and first few sentences are a play on the lyrics to a song on Fall Out Boy’s album “From Under the Cork Tree.” I’m not sad about it or anything. It’s just kinda the truth. I actually kept socially busy this last weekend of mine. I did poker/beer/pool on Tuesday like usual and breakfast this morning.

  3. Tracy, the best way to cure writers block is to not worry about what you say and then just start writing everything you can think of. Honestly, though, you could end up with lots of pointless writing. I know I do. You see the results here once a year or so; however, the rest of my writing never falters.

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