The Last Day of 2005

The last day of the year has begun. Well, here’s what I say: good riddance. I’m ready for a New Year. I’ve got more than enough to do and learn next year, and God knows I won’t learn much more in the remainder of 2005. All I want to do is finish off my workweek (I’m taking a day off this week, so it’s almost over).

Tonight, hopefully I’ll be enjoying fantastic bluegrass music. This time I know where the venue is; I shall not be thwarted by my own stupidity or insecurity. With any luck, maybe I’ll even run into Heidi there. That’d be crazy — I haven’t seen her for at least a year and a half. I’d ask her to play Stairway to Heaven, but I doubt she’ll have her harp in reach.

Eh, anyway. That’s all for now.


I have a bit of advice for you.

4) Don’t expect an apartment to be self-cleaning. The kitchen looks disastrous, and my laundry needs done, but Christmas doesn’t leave a lot of free time for cleaning quests.
3) If you schedule an appointment to get your car looked-at/worked-on, don’t expect them to get to it for at least a day. My drive to work tomorrow now depends on the mercy of the Volkswagon Engine Gods. I’d call Pizzo, but I haven’t heard from him in at least three months.
2) Don’t drive off without removing the gas pump nozzle from your gas tank.
1) Don’t slam an apple martini. However benign it may look and taste, the vodka will slay your ability to function for the next 2-3 hours.

Something you should do — Listen to good acoustic songs about life lived. It’s relaxing. I’d suggests “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against, “Autobahn (Acoustic)” by Anberlin, and “Memory (Acoustic)” by Sugarcult.

Family & Friends

The whole holiday scene rocks harder when you have friends and fam with you. Christmas alone is like Kenny G; Christmas with family and friends is like Project 86 (or Metallica or some other loud band you’ve actually heard of).

Speaking of rocking my face off, I think I love iTunes. I got a gift certificate and scored an album, six singles, a Jay Leno video, and a couple video freebies (yes, there’s a free Battlestar Gallactica video that’s 21 minutes long — haven’t watched it yet ’cause my video card sucks — and an SNL short) all for $15. Finally, I own a New Found Glory album! My next targets of the college-era punk I couldn’t buy ’cause I was broke or didn’t realize their awesomeness: Blink-182 and Sum 41.

As far as Christmas loot goes, I’m actually surprised to be most excited by the 8-piece stainless steel kitchenware set I received w/ utensils. Now I can cook huge batches of Mac & Cheese and eat leftovers for a week. Now I’ve just got to get the whole ironing board thing figured out and put together the vacuum, and… woah, I need to get out the drill dad got me for Christmas and recover my manhood by drilling something. Tools, grunt grunt.

I love giving gifts to my family. Being who I am, I also like to know if the gift I got was a good gift for them. I got it right this year.

Jesse: Green Day live album/DVD — “Yes, I was hoping I’d get this!” and a Broncos sticker he’s gonna put on his car. He has lots of band stickers on it already and he loves the Broncos. Super Bowl, here we come (hopefully)!

Mom: an old picture of my brothers and I in the mountains, and a picture of me in the mountains last year. I totally made her cry.

Dad & Mom: Serenity and Firefly (Firefly is still in the mail though) — they cheered. Who knew parents could be such big scifi geeks? I love it. Yes, it’s true: my mother loves Firefly. I bet you can’t say that, Tyler.

Isaac: Dune DVD (Sci-Fi Channel version from 2000) — “sweet!” and Emery – The Question CD.

At grandma and grandpa’s house, we ate food and had a white-elephant gift exchange. Normally, when I think of white-elephant gift, I think “dirty sock” or “ugly lamp.” Well, this one quite exceeded my expectations. Aside from some lame books and a 20-year-old stereo, Grandma through in two quilts she made and various potholders. Some of the other gifts were good, too. I totally stiffed my cousin though and took one of the quilts ’cause I went last. She was mad.

Today is the day for friends. My air force buddy Mark is in town today with his new wife. We’re gonna hang out and kick it oldskool. Hopefully we can get ahold of the other Mark today, too, but it’s hard to track him down sometimes.

Anyway, I hope your Christmas season is finishing off well. 2006, here we come! I’ll try to post a year-in-review type of post soon.

Merry Christmas from the Headquarters of All that is Ironic

Well, I’m at work at 1AM on Christmas morning. I’m eating pizza, drinking eggnog, listening to punk Christmas songs, and helping people as needed with their jobs. I can think of places I’d rather be on Christmas morning (sleeping, for example), but this isn’t half bad. I’m getting paid for it, right? Paid money. Cold hard digits in the bank account I rarely see actualized as greenbacks.

So anyway, on this fantastic day, have a merry Christmas all of you! Remember the real season of the season: Scrubs Season 2 and w/ any luck new pajamas!

Don’t Drive Away

This morning after work, I stopped by the newly bought-out gas station (second time in five years) to fuel up. I started fueling my car, and in the meantime I washed my window. I finished paying, I checked for a receipt, didn’t see one, shrugged, got in my car, and drove off.

Seconds later, I hear a strange thunking noise, looking in my passenger-side mirror, and see a fuel nozzle sticking out of my gas tank. I swear, rapidly park the car, and walk around to look at it.

The good news: fuel stations, hoses, and nozzles are well designed nowadays.
The bad news: I feel like an idiot.

I went inside, told the gas lackey, he said, “oh, thanks,” put on an orange safety-vest, and proceeded to collect the broken-off hose I’d laid by the pump.

I drove away.