I’ve noticed I don’t own any albums from nearly 20% of the bands in my top 50 artists list*. The reason these artists rank so highly is I enjoy a number of their songs I’ve acquired for free from their PureVolume sites, DownloadPunk free samples, from band websites, or from other various locations during about six years of scrounging the web for free and legal music.

I’ve also purchased songs from some of the bands on iTunes. The main reason I haven’t bought any of the below-mentioned albums is a lack of money or holding out for Christmas gifts (hint to my family who reads this site). Please read on for a list of the bands, the albums I’ve been missing out on, and places you can find some of their songs for free.

Artist: Blink-182
Album I’d Like: Greatest Hits
Current Songs: I’ve purchased and acquired a number of songs from “Enema of the State” and their 2003 self-titled release. I don’t want to go back in time and get their old albums since they’re essentially expired, so I’ll settle for the Greatest Hits. The members have gone on to other bands: Angels & Airwaves (2006 release), Plus 44, and The Transplants.

Artist: underOATH
Album I’d Like: They’re Only Chasing Safety (Special Edition)
Current Songs: Various acquired and I purchased “Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape” after reading of its inclusion on X 2005.

Artist: Reggie and the Full Effect
Album I’d Like: Songs Not to Get Married To
Current Songs: I got hooked on “Get Well Soon” (PunkRockVids: Video) when I downloaded the music video. It features Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, having a terrible time after his divorce. It’s an amazingly hypnotic song with a depressing vibe. I’ve now also bought the song “Happy V-Day” for inclusion on my playlist titled “It Hurts” (full of somewhat sad music for sad times especially when it comes to relationship woes).

Artist: Panic! At the Disco
Album I’d Like: A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
Current Songs: The one and only reason they’re on the list is ’cause I got hooked on “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is the Press Coverage.” I like the title, I like the beat, and I like the pop tastiness. The song is even better live ’cause it contains a lot more raw energy.

Artist: Armor for Sleep
Album I’d Like: “What to Do When You are Dead”
Current Songs: Various acquired plus “All Warm” purchased via iTunes. I enjoy the music style a lot.

Artist: Hawthorne Heights
Album I’d Like: The Silence in Black & White
Current Songs: Various acquired. I love the music of “Ohio is for Lovers” and the acoustic versions of a couple of other songs are nice, too. “Ohio” is what it’s all about.

Artist: Sum 41
Album I’d Like: Chuck
Current Songs: I bought Pieces, Fat Lip, and In Too Deep from iTunes. Pieces is on my “It Hurts” playlist. I heard “Fat Lip” a ton at the end of high school. “In Too Deep” is just a catchy song.

Artist: The Starting Line
Album I’d Like: Say It Like You Mean It
Current Songs: I’ve got a bunch of songs from PureVolume and I have many leftover from early this decade when hadn’t yet been destroyed by soulless corporate greed. I mostly like their older material and I listened to songs from the above album many, many times during college.

Artist: Amber Pacific
Album I’d Like: The Possibility and the Promise
Current Songs: “Gone So Young,” “Thoughts Before Me,” and “Always You” have gotten a lot of play. I acquired from DownloadPunk and PureVolume.

*It must be noted I’ve only been heavily using since early 2005 so there’s many, many other artists who could be on this list but aren’t.

Run Free, Little Man

On Thursday, I’ll be taking a running leap from the building I call “my old home” and landing in the vicinity of what I’ll call “my new semi-permanent dwelling.” I still need a good name for it, but I’ll have more time for that once I actually see where I’ll be living. Sure, I’ve seen an apartment like it, but I haven’t seen my actual apartment yet. It’ll also be hard to come up with a better moniker than my current home in “The Dungeon of Despair.”

I’m not even half-done packing and I own about three times as much stuff as I really want to have. If I ever decide to move half way around the world, I’ll be able to unload most of it at a Good Will, but it still weird me out a bit to own things. Earthly possessions and whatnot. I’m more attached to my possessions than I should be, and now I’m getting more of them out of “necessity.” Some men can get through life with a heavy coat, a bottle of Listerine, and whatever scraps of food are given to them. I, however, need a TV, microwave, vacuum, blender, coffee maker, crockpot, dishes, bed, computer, and much more.

Who wants to trade lives with a homeless vagabond? I’m curious, sometimes, but I couldn’t do it for long. I’m too attached. Who knows what’ll happen in life though? War could tear apart the homeland before we’re gone. Anything could happen. Let’s hope it doesn’t, but it’s really just one more thing to be attached to.

“‘Cause I’m in too deep, and I’m trying to keep up above in my head instead of going under.” – Sum 41

Thanksgiving Preoccupations

I enjoyed Thanksgiving much. My parents hosted it this year and had an amalgamation of relatives and a few friends. I had a great time. One of my friends from work and his fiance came and we ended up playing a lot of videogames at the end of things.

Today, I got myself into the spirit of the Christmas season by giving. I gave myself a lot of gifts. In preparation for moving into the apartment next week, I assaulted my credit card with Wal-Mart’s early-morning sale. I purchased a TV, microwave, assorted kitchenwares, a vacuum, a few miscellaneus tidbits, and a 1GB USB 2.0 flash drive.

The flash drive is so I can backup work documents. Also, I intend to set up the Portable Apps Suite on my drive so I can take all the software I need wherever I go. Dad mentioned the possibility of setting up a bootable version of Linux on the drive, but I’m going to skip that for now.

I finally went and saw Harry Potter today. I’d been putting it off ’cause I didn’t want to see it alone, but I found somebody to see it with. Otherwise, I’d decided to go anyway. I’ve seen the wall and won’t be able to ignore it next time. If you don’t know anything about walls, I suggest you examine your life and try to find emotional barriers you’ve set up for yourself that needn’t exist.

Acknowledgement comes first.

For those who are curious, my arm is healing well now. I believe the nerves around the hole haven’t caught up with the rest of the growth so I feel little pain there now, and the new antibiotics the doctor perscribed have succeeded in taking away the infection. Hopefully, all will be back to normal within another week or two. And it seems as if I’ll have a cool scar. “Yes, ladies, I fought a bear and lived to tell about it. See, here is my scar.”

Yellowcard in Boulder

I saw Yellowcard play in Boulder tonight. The opening band, Pink Spiders, sucked and seemed drunk. Acceptance played many songs and they quite impressed me. The highlight of their set was a cover of The Beatles’ song “Eleanor Rigby” w/ two of Yellowcard’s members joining in.

Yellowcard played a lot of songs both new and old. Four tracks were from their upcoming January release, “Lights and Sound.” They played with energy and the crowd responded by exerting more. I’m also quite impressed w/ their new guitarist. There’s lots of gossip surrounding the departure of the old one, Ben Harper, but the new guy has a lot of talent and people should give him a chance.

After the second or third song, they mentioned somthing about how they were recording the show. They didn’t say for what, but now I’m curious.

theory in the works

I’m working on my theory about why pain is necessary in life. Summary: whether physical or emotional, the pain exists to tell us something isn’t right. Ultimately, it seems to be a reminder that this world isn’t how it should be. Good thing there’s more to it all than this. I’ll type this out more later when I can use both arms.