I’ve Never Been to Louisiana

So Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama pretty much got f#$%ed-over by a hurricane named Katrina. Anybody know of relief efforts yet?

For current news, Drudge has lots of links and FOX is covering like crazy. [Update: WWLTV.com: latest news about New Orleans]

If you haven’t been keeping track, most of New Orleans is submerged under feet of water (i.e. houses almost covered). Likely a few hundred people have died already in the hurricane, and now the biggest risk appears to be starvation from lack of access to food. Disease will become a major issue especially in New Orleans as water continues to freely flow into the city (engineers are working on the problem), sewage has joined with the water, and mosquito populations are expected to increase the longer the water remains. State leaders say the water won’t be able to be removed for at least two weeks.

In any case, these people need some help. Red Cross comes to mind, and apparently other people have been thinking the same thing as the site is currently running slow. If if I or anybody hears of any other groups responding to this situation, I’ll put up the link here. I’m guessing a lot of churches and religious groups will be raising money over the coming week to help out. I’ll do what I can and I hope you will, too.