7/7: A Day Like Today

What can you say about a day like this? 7/7 is a day that may or may not live in infamy, but it’ll certainly be a footnote at least in this terror-laden portion of history. Bad stuff happens ’cause bad people suck. Unfortunately for us all, we’re all bad people on some level, it just takes extra-special bastards to ruin peoples lives with bombs like they did in London. 40+ people dead and what does it mean?

I played frisbee in the park with my dog today. I watched the clouds roll by as I remained blissfully unscathed by the wretchedness of al-Qaeda or similarly brain-dead drones.

It did hit me on an intellectual level. I can already hear the debate coming once the initial investigation loses its interest. “Who’s fault is it? Is it the terrorists fault or was it provoked?” Wrong questions! Personally, I prefer to look at the question, “Where are these m#&^# f#^&#@ and what’s the quickest way to destroy them?” However, even that will not solve the fundamental problems with this conflict. The war between the terrorists and the Western world does not stem from a simple cause with the simple effect of terrorism. The war exists because of fundamentally different views of the world, of human purpose, of society, and dozens of other political/socioeconomic/psychological/etc. factors with conflicting ideals and beliefs no one can dredge up a solution for.

So what is a person to do in this world?

“I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil–this is God’s gift to man.” (Ecclesiastes 3:13)

I’m gonna go to work tomorrow and do my job. I’m gonna think about how I want to live and what my toil is going to be. When all is said and done and I’m laying six-feet-deep in a pine box, I hope people will remember for a couple days how I lived and that I took joy in what I did. When they forget, as is bound to happen (“all is vanity and chasing after the wind”), it won’t matter.