Explosion of Podcasting

Podcasting is about to explode. It’s been getting big anyway, but now the newest version of iTunes (4.9) features podcasting in its own section and has built-in ability to subscribe to podcasts of your choice.

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is a method of publishing audio feeds on the internet. Simply put, it enables people such as yourself to subscribe to audio content of interest for major and independent providers and have it automatically delivered to your computer and/or portable MP3 player for listening at your pleasure.

Publishers store audio on the internet and create a feed (using RSS). Subscribers enter this feed address into an application such as iPodder or iTunes. These programs will automatically download new content posted to these feeds according to the directions specified by the user.

Examples of Podcasting

One quick example for the iTunes user, is the iTunes New Music Tuesday podcast.

Other offerings in the iTunes podcast directory include features from ESPN, Disney, KCRW, various radio morning-shows, assorted individual technology buffs, and more. Visit the directory right inside of iTunes for more.

Update: Over the two days since iTunes 4.9 launched, users of the application have subscribed to 1 million total podcasts.