Let it All Out

What do you let out? How do you let other people see you? Is it only what you want people to see? I’ve gotten very comfortable letting people see a lot of who I am. Even still, I hold back a lot. The parts you hold the closest and show no one… those say a lot about who you really are. About your fears. About your worries.

The things you hold the closest to you are the things you’re most afraid of being.

Oh, yes, you can’t hide from your fears forever. You can’t keep all the secrets. No matter what you do, they’ll get out. Even if no one ever finds out, they’ll eventually poison the way you live. They’ll infiltrate your friendships and relationships on even a minor level. Sure, not all secrets will or can destroy lives, but if they even change your interactions to a slight degree, doesn’t that make it not worthwhile?

Tell your secrets. Tell them all. Even the dark ones. Find someone you can trust your life with and let it out. Let it all out.