new years in lincoln

I’m doing a’ight and in Lincoln for New Years. I’ll post more when I get home and update you real quick with what’s going on. Also, the changes will be taking place as soon as I get time to implement them.

Update (1/1/2005): I’m home now.

Update on the Biggest News

It’s official, baby, it’s official!

I’m gonna be a _________! Huzzah. I start being “oriented” January 3 and __________ starts a couple weeks after that.

Also official — this site will therefore be removed in its entirety prior to beginning my new job so as to avoid any potential conflicts, misrepresentations, etc. that could arise from having a professional job and posting here. As I’ve said, I do plan on continuing to blog from an alternative location with much more anonymity. The question is — what should I call myself?

Faith, love, and happiness. Booyah.

I hooked my computer back up to the internet. I figure I’m good to go back online since it’s been a while and tomorrow’s my last day of work and then heading out to Kansas on Thursday.

So anyway. How ya doin’?

What an Animal

My bro Jesse has a new cat. It’s small, black, and named ElVira. It meows and you can hold it in your hand. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a picture.

I should hear this week official info about the job. I’ll let you know. Pray that it’ll all work out.

Three days of work left at my current job and then I head on vacation to Kansas. Woohoo, Kansas, here I come (again)! This time, however, I’ll be in Topeka instead of Manhattan.

Like a Fresh Tortilla

I’m fresh, rested, and ready to take on the world! Whatever you’ve got today, world, you’re not gonna take me down! Yeah, you heard me! Unless, of course, the machine breaks, the customers yell for hours, and I’m abandoned to fix the woes of the world on my own. But that won’t happen today — that was last week.

Isaac’s home for a couple days between finals. It’s cool having him around. Last night we watched some anime together — the first two episodes of the Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) Original Animated Videoss. The only downside is the immense amount of violence, but other than that the plot, animation, and music are all spectacular.

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? I’ve only got one gift left to buy.

A note about Google: people really can find you using it. I always hoped for high visibility on Google for my name and sure enough I found it.