So Much to Think About

I went to Main Event primarily for social reasons. I figured it would also be a good time to worship God through music and hearing a lot about him, but I considered that it would simply be another advantage and not so much my focus. It turns out this idea was wrong. God totally used this weekend to tell me some things. One of the biggest is that Japan still matters and missions still matter and that if I’m not going, I better be staying for the right reasons. So I’m evaluating my reasons to make sure they’re legit and not excuses.

One of the other big things is the importance of spending time with him. Having been a Christian most of my life, it would seem like this should be obvious. I know about it, for sure, but so often it’s easy to put aside the simple things like spending time reading the Bible in order to run off and gratify my own selfish desires. That ain’t cool! I need to spend more time listening to him and talking to him.

My primary reason for going was also satisfied. Thursday night, I got to Kansas State and was able to spend a large amount of time with Allie and also go to Nav Nite. The time together with Allie was wonderful. God gave us some good opportunities to talk and he certainly answered some prayers.

I really enjoyed seeing my other friends as well including many from this summer like Engle, Larry, Leslie, and others. I saw some friends from Nebraska including Cora, Jake, and Double-J. There’s also Jenny who somehow seems no longer a Nebraskan while she’s wearing purple, but is certainly not somebody I would consider a “Wildcat” yet. But she’s a friend, so the color doesn’t matter.

As soon as I finish posting this, I’m gonna get ready and drive up to Lincoln and spend the rest of today there before heading home tomorrow. Yay for that!

This is me signing off. G’day.