It’s Been a Couple

So… I had a graduation party today. Yes, another one. My relatives from back around home came to this one. It went alright. Everybody stayed about three hours which is pretty long for some of them to stay at this kind of thing so that was cool. I also netted some cash. Unfortunately, my father has observed some problems with my car tires so instead of being frivolous with the money, I may need to buy new tires and get my car aligned. Oh, ye iPod, you must remain thither whilst I wither in my contemplations of thee. *sigh*

Ok, that was pathetic, I know.

Other then that, all I have to say is the same stuff I’ve been saying for days if not weeks. I want a better job that’s closer to friends. Or else I’d like some friends here.

The way I see it though, I haven’t really lived anywhere other than Nebraska in the last four years (except for Colorado & Japan & Florida), and it’s time for me to be moving on again. Or just back to Lincoln. I’d be fine with that.

Once again, the crucial point is the job.