Good News for People Who Are Related to Me

Dad found out today that his division won’t get outsourced to India (or anywhere). Yeah!

Mom’s last day at work is tomorrow. She starts her new job on Monday. Yeah!

I work for $7.50/hr. Yea…. errr. I’m looking. I told you, I’m looking! “Networking” they call it. Know any networks I can plug into? Oh wait, 90% of you are college students.

In other job news, I’ll have a new manager at work in two weeks and it’s highly likely the other two employees will quit the same time as or shortly after Jarred leaves. This will be unfortunate in some ways because I’ve been enjoying working with Ben, but I’ll get to know the new manager. She came in to work today and apparently we had a P.E. class together in high school. She looks familiar, but I don’t remember her. Apparently she used to be a goth chick.

So that could be interesting.

I’m not used to being around my hometown and running into people from high school. I never realized how much I “escaped” by going to Lincoln for college. Now I’m unescaping and still adjusting to it.

I’m ready to escape again.


I’ve been scouring the internet for information about jobs in very specific cities in Kansas and Nebraska, but to no avail. The internet is supposed to be a huge bastion of information, but alas, in the job market it provides no details and no methods for finding GOOD jobs. Sure, you can find a fast food job or work at Home Depot, but where’s the positions that pay?

Apparently I need to do some networking.