The Story That Did Not Break (Yet)


Breaking news is, of course, a relative term. I’ve told many of you already simply because I figured you’d want to know. You’re akin to the sources who trickle news to the major media organizations. If you’re the focus of the story, you already know ’cause you were there when it all happened. If you haven’t heard yet, I’m sorry and I hope this will serve as a decent means of conveying this information to you. I’d love to tell everybody in person or on the phone, but there’s only so many minutes in a phone plan and for many of you hundreds of miles separating us.

The Story:

Saturday night, I ate dinner with a gorgeous gal named Allie. Now Allie is my girlfriend. I am happy. Allie is happy.

Stay Tuned:

As more information from this breaking story comes out, we’ll be the first to bring it to you. At this point, we can certify that this story is certaintly authenticatable and entirely accurate and not planted by an operative of a political party or an operative of a political party intending to frame another political party with the intent to defraud and throw the election. This is My Blogging System in action. Fairly biased and unbalanced news about me, 24/7.

The Ability to Leave Comments:

Comments are enabled and I just fixed a problem they were having, so feel free to say something. Send your comments to the editor and you’ll be responded to in due time.

The Photograph:

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