Resurrection of the Posts

I’ve restored most of the archives through May 4, 2004, certain posts from the time in Jacksonville that I borrowed from the Jax weblog, and another post from June 15, 2004. I don’t have the willpower to go through and manually reenter other posts made between May 4 and August 18th so you’ll just have to do without.

Also note that “most” means most. I axed all the old “Info” posts, everything from the “Lyrics” category because it should all be in the lyrics database (which I still need to fix due to hosting problems), and all the photos because it would’ve taken too long and you now have the Photo Gallery to look through.

Patriot Day

It’s Patriot Day. The Twin Towers may be gone, but we’re not.

Yet. We’ve all gotta go sometime. Use your time wisely, people.

Divorce, The Killers, Photos, and Such

Do Linkin Logs build Linkin Parks?

I finally got around to renting Stepmom tonight on the suggestion of Allie. It definitely is a movie with mad potential to make a person cry. I got home with the movie sometime around 9pm and started watching it with my Dad and then my mom came and joined a few minutes later even though she’d previously said something about going to bed. The movie’s definitely got a lot of sad situations in it, a lot of tough family dynamics, and some terrible things that happen. I think I had a tear or two.

Towards the end of the movie, however, it got kinda funny. Not to be irreverent or anything, but you’ve just got to understand… my dad is a funny guy. I understand his sense of humor probably because I got a lot of mine from him. So when he busts out saying, “Why won’t she die already?” about the character with cancer, I can’t help but laugh.

My mom complains sometimes about having too much testosterone around home. Something about having a husband and three sons. That’s why she got a girl dog and my parents sponsor a girl in Africa instead of a boy — because my mom doesn’t want any more men in the family.

Seriously though, a tear or two! That’s good. Mom sniffled though. I can’t beat that.

All I can say is, divorce is an incredibly tragic thing. I never want to go through that and I’m grateful my family never had to. For those of you that have, I’m sorry. I’m sorry this world has so much evil, so much division, so much hatred, sorrow, anger, anguish, and tragedy.

I’ll offer you what I can, but the only hope I have to give any of you is that if you’ve got a relationship with God through Jesus Christ you do have a Father who cares for you and a Father who loves you and a Father who’s willing to give it all up for you instead of taking it all away. God gave his Son who gave his life, but he got his life back again. He gave us his Spirit who gives us strength and hope. He gives us his love and his grace. If you don’t have this relationship, do some talking to God. Get to know him. Read the Bible — it’ll tell you all about him if you open your eyes.

After watching the movie, Dad put on a new CD he bought — “The Killers.” Apparently they’re from Las Vegas. Dad considers them reminiscent of Australian bands from the ’80s. “Will we hate them in twenty years then?” was my only question. Roxie (the dog) frolicked around freaking out ’cause mom and dad were dancing (sort of). I tried dancing with the dog, but she’s not very good at it. Mostly she just tries to jump out of the way of my hands when I swipe at her front paws.

Oh, if I can offer some personal advice to my readers. If you ever get photos developed, make sure they aren’t nasty, disgusting pictures! The poor photo people have to see the pictures you develop, y’know. I’ve seen some pictures I don’t want to ever see again. I’m okay with baby pictures and definitely used to them by now, and I’m okay with pictures of children raised by happy middle-class mothers, and I’m okay with vacation pictures, and I’m okay with other sorts of pictures. But no nasty! No nasty!

I finally got around to printing some of my own digital pictures today. Woohee! Cheapest photos I’ve ever had. Free. Ha ha. I might actually fill up this photo album eventually.

Yahoo Thinks I’m a Freak

If you search Yahoo, I’m currently the number one result for “Jesus Freak.” Unfortunately, I think this is do to a link I contain on most of my pages to a music site named “Jesus Freak Hideout,” but I’m still honored to be recognized by the world’s not-quite-number-one search engine as a “Jesus Freak.”