Bigtime Fishy

I watched Big Fish tonight and enjoyed it. The basic premise of the movie being lies (“tall tales”), this is somewhat surprising. The movie was more about a man’s struggle to understand his father and his father’s tendency to tell exaggerated stories. I enjoyed it, I think, because it was well put together in terms of plot, story-telling, subtle foreshadowing, music, scenery, etc.

I’m in a politics mode right now. I really enjoyed President Bush’s speech at the RNC tonight. From what it seems and even given the commentary of “political experts” and journalists, Kerry seems to be on the defensive right now. I watched part of his speech tonight after the convention. He accused Bush and the Republicans of spending most of their convention attacking his character while providing no plans for the future. This claim is baseless in reality. Kerry certainly was attacked in speeches because of his flip-flop nature on vital issues and for having a weak record in the senate, but a considerable amount of time was spent discussing Bush’s accomplishments during his time in office and, especially tonight, on his plan for the next four years to improve health care, education, the federal tax system, and some other detailed agendas. Kerry, while complaining of Bush’s lack of a plan for the future, failed to give one himself only talking in vague generalities about how he’ll create jobs, improve health care, education, and the economy.

There’s all sorts of other interesting elements in each of their campaigns that stand out to me, but I’ll leave that alone for now.

Work went well today and better than I could have expected. For the first day this week, my shift wasn’t busy and backed up the whole time. I got off work on time. I could’ve stayed longer or come back later to finish a digital order that would’ve taken 3.5 hours, but given some advice and the need for a bit of sanity, I left it for tomorrow. I’ll probably suffer the consequences tomorrow, but Friday’s are usually slow so with any luck we’ll be caught up by the time I arrive.

It’s not luck that made today at work better though. I know that.

Ben and I had good conversation about Christianity, faith, grace, works, and all of that today. He’s a Christian and it was fun being able to discuss something like that at work. We’ve got about three hours of shift overlap Monday-Friday and it’s been fun so far. I’m hoping to get to know him better as he seems like a cool guy.

I should be getting to bed. G’night, buenas noches, oyasumi nasai.