If it Could Go Wrong

Today frustrated me. At work, many annoying things went wrong. The Kodak Picture Maker (a picture scanner/enlarger/printer) ran out of ribbon. Later, it ran out of paper. I couldn’t find a customer’s order at one point and immediately afterward the roll of glossy paper currently being printed from ran out. Other minor frustrations occurred as well. Not the best day.

So then I got home. The church small group I wanted to check out had already started about 15 minutes before I arrived home. I watched the debate. The debate, although interesting, didn’t really tell me anything. It had lots of substance, but failed to bring up any new or interesting arguments. It’s gonna be spun to death by everyone in the coming days so I don’t want to take the time to bother with it here at the moment.

Now I’m in the basement. In Colorado. I like Colorado. I like having a job. I like working. But I want more from this life than just going to a job every day where I don’t feel like I make any difference in peoples lives or in the world.

I do make a difference in the world. I’m starting to recognize some of the customers who come in during my work shifts. Although there’s not much of a connection there, it’s still something. Hopefully their days go better ’cause I’m serving them. In the frequent phone calls I make to friends in other states, good things occur. Encouragement, fellowship, and fun.

I’ve got nothing to complain about.

And I can listen to Project 86 REALLY LOUD! That’s encouragement right there.

Everybody Wins

According to members of each presidential candidate’s campaigns, their own candidate won the debate. Personally, I think they just about split and neither seemed to have a clear advantage in terms of speaking or performing better. However, I know which candidate I agree with. You already know who I agree with. On the crucial matter of who won the debate though, I believe America must come to a decision. We cannot move forward in this world without certainty and clarity and we must know: WHO WON THE DEBATE? Don’t let the professional politicians tell you who won, YOU DECIDE! Vote!

The Strangerhood

The same folks who brought the video series Red vs. Blue, a story about of two teams battling for supremacy, using Halo to render the videos have now begun a new series called The Strangerhood using the Sims 2 to create the story. “Episode 0”, which briefly introduces the characters and the theme song, is available to download from the Strangerhood website.

(Please beware that some adult language occurs within RvB and may in The Strangerhood as well.)

A Bit On Communication

It’s incredible how much more important the whole concept of communication becomes when you’re in a dating relationship. The thing relationships and communication have in common is a requirement that two people be involved. One person says something and the other person listens.

I reread a large part of Joshua Harris’s book “Boy Meets Girl” today (during work — we couldn’t develop film because our machine was broken), and one of the chapters focuses on communication, rather than kissing, being the primary use of lips in a relationship (he’s all into the courtship terminology, but it applies all the same to any sort of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship).

So, the question is, what did I learn? I could recite the five principles he outlined, but I’ll tell you in a different form. This also includes other personal thoughts that may or may not be included or intended in what Harris says in the book.

To communicate affectively, one most realize that communication stems from what’s going on inside the heart. If bitterness and hatred exists within the heart, it’s gonna jump up and make itself known through the things a person says. If selfishness has its ugly grip holding tightly to the heart and sucking the life out of a person, then the person’s gonna have trouble being unselfish in words and actions.

In order to communicate, it’s necessary to listen. You can’t always talk. Note, however, that you cannot always listen. Sometimes talking must occur. Sometimes to let somebody know what’s really going on, you gotta be honest about who you are and tell ’em what you’re thinking. Even tell them what you’re feeling — as frightening as that may be. It’s easy to be dishonest when you’re not talking about what’s really going on in your life by hiding on the inside. (I’m not saying tell everybody everything ’cause that’d just be stupid — it talks about that in Proverbs somewhere — I’m just saying sometimes people gotta open up and let others know what’s going on!)

Communication isn’t happening if there’s never any conflict. If you’re communicating what’s really going on to another person there’ll be conflict sometimes and it’s okay! You gotta learn from it, work through it, see what’s there, and address the _real_ problems instead of pretending they don’t exist.

Motive matters. Right things, right reasons, that whole concept. If It might be a great technique to speak with the tongues of men and angels, but if it’s being done for the wrong reasons it’ll end up hurting both people more in the long run than stuttering truthfulness.

Luebbe and Cora, this one’s for you! Guard your heart. Hmm… we’ve had this discussion before, I think. You know what I mean. Yeah, you know. You know!

Ok, sorry for the sidetrack. Mostly, I’m just typing this out to let y’all know what’s running around up in my head as I’m still trying to figure out what it’s telling me.


I think you should vote for Bush, but unfortunately I don’t get to make that decision. If you’d like to decide for yourself…

Visit the Voter’s Registration Guide over at Kottke’s site. I’m pretty sure he’s a liberal so the fact that I’m linking to this portion of his site means I think it’s legit and it’s basically just giving you information about how to sign up and vote. So if you’re not registered for whatever reason, need to update your info, or anything else, go to this site and it’ll send you where you need to be to be ready for the elections in November.