The Job Scene, The Car Scene, and Other Scenes

I applied for a job yesterday. I attached a nice resume. If I get this job I’ll be making about two and a half times as much money as my current job and I’ll essentially be guaranteed what I’ll be doing for the next 2+ years of my life. I’ll find out in four to six weeks probably. So, if you’ve ever wanted me to get a great job, pray hard!

I really ought to start watching a certain TV show to get prepared.

In other news, things at Photo are going well. I’m getting down most of the processes and procedures and most of the problems I’m having result from a lack of training on cashiering. I need to ask Jarred if I can get the training for that.

Paycheck is in two weeks. I’m looking forward to that ’cause I’d like to go on a road trip. On Friday I fixed up my engine a bit. I don’t smell anything burning while I’m driving now and I generally consider that a good sign. The air filter was filthy likely as a result of the oil likely as a result of not changing it for a long time. In the words of Phil, “That’s baaad!” Seriously though, synthetic oil lasts longer.

I need to take my car in to get break-related parts checked. My rotors seem to be going bad again based on the feel of my car while driving and my pads might be getting low. It’s not squealing too much, but I need to check. I probably need to change another wheel to make the silly rotors stop wearing out. They’ve worn out (at least) twice in the last six years and that seems excessive.

I also cleaned a lot of acid off my battery. My mom looked at it and freaked out due to recent battery problems with her car. Baking soda water does the trick, apparently. Unfortunately, the sewer will get the acid once it washes away.

Well, I’m going to go do something productive. Goodbye.

You Couldn’t Guess if You Tried

It’s really early in the morning. I just finished tweaking the weblog to work again because I had an urge to share my life with you all. Again. It may have something to do with the overwhelming poll results in favor of me blogging. Thanks to the 13 of you who nudged me to continue onward.

I still haven’t recovered the two months worth of data that are still missing from the summer, but there’s still some slim hope that it might return. However, for now I will resume usual blogging duties aside from the slight changes in site structure including the addition of the photo gallery. Some past content, such as poems and essays, may return at a future time as I come to decisions about how I want to share this content on the site.

Please, relax, enjoy, and revel in the puddle of informative goo that lies before you.