Good News for People Who Like Good News

Luebbe, you can ignore this post. Just kidding. Maybe you’ll get something out of it, too. Ha. I wish comments worked ’cause I wanna know what you’ll say. Just send me an email instead.

The potentially good news is that the weblog may be recovered shortly. DJC, the head tech guy for f2o (go get paid hosting, these people rule) is digging around this weekend and may be able to find me a recent backup of my database from which I can recover the lost data.

So that’s good.

In other news, mostly just been working and that kind of thing. I’ve worked about 15 hours total over the last three days. I’m getting the hang of how things go there in the Kodak photo lab at Target (pronounce Target like the French. It’s more entertaining that way.) I need to remember to bring my verses or a small Bible to work with me though so that when things are backed up and I’m waiting for a huge digital order to go through I can do something between customers and dealing with orders. Probably won’t be an issue too much next week as I’ll likely be working busier hours. I’m scheduled for 36 hours.

So that’s good.

“I’m not a perfect peeersssoon.” Hoobastank. I hate to admit it, but I do like some popular songs.

So that’s… news. Or not.

My dad’s 50 today. So that’s good news. I think. I’d have to ask.

Oh, my friend Chris from Colorado Springs is talking about getting me an interview at the company he works for. Not a bad idea methinks. It’d be doing computer stuff which isn’t exactly what I learned about in college, but from what he tells me I think I know enough for now and I can study hard about networks and stuff and do a good job there. I’ll have to learn a lot, but that’ll be true for any job I get. Hoping to look into that more next week and maybe get an interview scheduled.

So that’s good news. And that’s all the news for now. Like I said, I’ll hopefully get the weblog resurrected soon. When it is, there’s a few things in the archives I’ll be nuking such as photos since I’ve got those in the Photo Gallery now, but everything else should be back up. Anyway, catch you fine people later.

And seriously, people, those of you who have weblogs: post something! I don’t have my own weblog so I look to yours for solace, and what do I find? Three day old posts! =) Actually, you’re probably all busy so it’s all good.

Or is it?