Ron Brown

Former Nebraska Cornhusker assistant coach Ron Brown spoke at Nav Nite tonight. That dude is stellar. He preached the gospel hardcore and he hits the major issues. (No, Luebbe, not free will and and human nature, just the bare guts of salvation and what Jesus did for us.) Anyway, I was excited to see several people apparently react to the message. My only hope now is that they reacted sincerely and faith grows in their lives through God’s presence and relationship with them.

It served as encouragement to me, too. Encouragement not to forget what Jesus did for me on the cross and that he’s still alive because of his resurrection. Another major emphasis was boldness. Ron Brown gets up in yo’ face about that one. “Go public! America is soft… don’t be ashamed of your faith! There is truth, God gave us his truth!”

Anyway, I need to get some homework done before I head to bed tonight, so I best begin to do it. G’night.

Long Term Warning

Post-graduation this blog will likely get a facelift and I may move blogging about my personal life to a different location and assume a psuedonym. I’ll of course let my homies know where it’s at. Reason: I don’t want people who’re considering hiring me for a job or whatever to Google me and be able to find anything on this web site that would be a cause to _not_ hire me.

and I am, too

I am tired. Probably has something to do with reading a lot and staying up really late despite having nothing to do with homework. I’ll be sleeping soon though at this rate. Not as much caffeine today as other days.

It’s all my fault, too, isn’t it? Not just being tired, but my whole life lately. Why am I currently failing one class and getting mediocre grades in all the rest? Why am I disappointed with myself? Why do I stay behind the door instead of venturing out more. I am trapped in my room and the only thing holding me there is myself.

Sigh. Bitter rants abound here, sometimes, don’t they? Not the cheerful wit of other times.

This weekend worked out rather oddly, though. Actually, this whole week did. I went to no Nav functions but nobody seemed to notice because I either had legitimate excuses (15 page paper to write) or misperceptions (I didn’t go to Kansas, but some probably assumed my absence here meant I did and the rest assumed me not being there meant I didn’t) to cover it up. Then this morning, of course, Daylight Savings served as a great cover up. I really did forget, but I didn’t figure that out till 4PM CDT.

Chilifest occurred today. It went alright. Got some chili, got some cinnamon rolls, drank some water, listened to an awful band, then left. Next time you want to start feel worse about yourself than you already do, that’s the band to hire. Then again, I think a majority of metal-ish bands have that affect. Their lyrics sucked.

I got my homework done for Japanese class tomorrow. Being caught up is good, and I need to stay that way to pull my grade up from the “D” I’m sitting at.


And now, I will excuse myself. Good night.

Kidney Operation Successful

So I woke up in a bathtub full of ice. Apparently my kidney operation went well. I didn’t remember ever having signed up for such an operation, but when I looked at my mirror it was covered with shaving cream that said “kidney operation successfull — hope you don’t miss it.”

Doing a quick bit of research about kidneys, I discovered I have (rather, had) two of them. I can get by without the one I’ve had taken from me. Good to know. I just hope I don’t wake up tomorrow missing that one.