Of Geese and Other Birds

I can almost imagine a bird flying towards you, Mr. Luebbe. * ahem *

In any case, I haven’t even picked up my book today. However, I read several chapters yesterday and watched a couple hours of TV. TV is not a habbit I’m glad to have begun refrequenting after avoiding it for most of college other than vacations to home. I do enjoy Seinfeld, Friends, and Law & Order (all three varieties), though. Perhaps I should not. Whatever.

I did begin working more on one of my papers today. I checked out about six books from the library regarding Biblical arguments for and against slavery. Interesting stuff, but I haven’t found any single argument I entirely agree with. I’m hoping to find more good stuff in the books I haven’t gotten to look through yet. I have a feeling though that it boils down to what it does so often: people using the Bible to support their own beliefs even if they have to misconstrue it and yank it out of context to do so. How else could you advocate such a base thing as American slavery? Slavery isn’t outright condemned in the Bible, but supporting such a modern system ignores so many of Jesus’ teachings regarding treatment of other people.

It appears I haven’t posted anything in the last five days. A quick catchup may be in order.

Friday was Senior Nav Nite meaning that any senior who graduated in December, or will this upcoming May or August goes up front and gets to hear what people think about them. I found it encouraging to hear many of the things people said and knowing that I’ve got friends here who care about me and who see God working in my life despite all the sin.

Yo, Steve! Thanks for giving props to this site. It’d give you a hug if it could, but you’ll have to settle for returned props, a’ight? You da man!

Saturday myself and others went up to 4L’s house and chilled for a long, long time. Myself and Jesse didn’t drive back to Lincoln till 4AM. Needless to say, I was tired on Sunday. I made it to church anyway though.

I have to turn in my papers for Globalization on Thursday. I need to write ten more pages for that class and polish up the other twenty I’ve written. On Friday my 15 page paper on Christianity and Slavery is due. Needless to say, I can’t wait to make it through Friday and I hope I get everything done alright.

Oh, and some good news. I only have five finals! One got cancelled — my professor is unprepared or something of the sort. I’m not sure what he’s grading us on, but I think he’ll have to go easy ’cause he hasn’t given us many assignments. I’d complain, but I figure a woman like Cora must’ve already talked to him and told him why it’s not fair and how he can best make it up to the class. Unfair assumption? Perhaps. If he’s not clear on Thursday though with his plans, I will “confront” him.

So, the five finals for next week: two Wednesday, two Thursday, one Friday. Then I move out on Saturday for the last time ever! It’s almost sad being nearly done with my room in Pound. Three years I’ve lived there now. But no more!

FOR SALE: One wood-framed couch with brown cushions. *$10* Willing to negotiate. I’ve got other goods for sale, but they’ve already got buyers or potential buyers.

Gone so soon… what will you do without me? Oh, well, I suppose I’ll still be _here_ if not in Lincoln.