Non-Bitter, Non-Political Rantage

So, how’s it going? I’m just sitting around, reading my daily assortment of web comics. So now it’s got me thinking. You know what I’m thinking? I wish I was funny and had artist talent. D’oh. S’ok though, so long as guys like Fred and Haque and Greg are around, I’ll be alright.

So Hank’s having a party at his place tonight. I’ve got Bible study though. D’oh part deux. Hey, how do you pronounce “deux” anyway? I’ve never learned that. Is it French? If so, do you mind if I make fun of it? We can call it “freedom deux.”

Three cheers for nature! Ra ra ra! Three cheers for modern plumbing! Ra ra ra! Now I will make use of both! Whee! _Scurries away._