Valentine’s Special: Date The Jake!

About the Valentine’s Day Specials: These Valentine’s Day specials, of which there will be two or three, are an exposé of individuals who are presently single and I think are clearly high calibur dating material.

jake couch pose-thumb.jpg

Name: Jake
Preferred Nickname: No, I really don’t like the name “Nick”
Age: 21
Gender: Testosterone-induced

Major: Secondary Education in Math
Ideal Job: I think a more appropriate question would be ideal salary
Realistic Job: Teaching as a platform for ministry

Interests: The arts (the classical stuff, not the crap we see now), Dr. Pepper, dancing in the rain
Oft-used Phrases: “Woman, please!”, “Boy howdy!”
Interesting secret: I’m Batman.

Looks for in a Mate: A woman (and everything that entails, see Genesis 1-2) with two legs that breathes, and is susceptible to the kvorka

Religious beliefs: I believe that the God of the Bible is the only true God, that He is who He says He is, and that my beliefs don’t affect who He is. I also believe that men have fallen out of relationship with God because of sin, and that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to take my punishment upon Himself. By His death and resurrection, I can stand before God in a right relationship, but only because I have been called by God into that relationship.

Contact info:

Dean’s Response to Half Time

Dean’s response to the Janet Jackson half time incident in Sunday’s Super Bowl: “I find that to be a bit of a flap about nothing,” the former Vermont governor said. “I’m probably affected in some ways by the fact that I’m a doctor, so it’s not exactly an unusual phenomenon for me.” (Reuters story)

school on a Monday? Forsooth!

We had class today. I doubted they’d cancel, and they didn’t. I mean, if I could survive the roads last night, there’s no way it’d be canceled today. It wasn’t snowing that hard.

The game was actually fun to watch. I went over to Varv and Potter’s place to watch it. During halftime, I missed the whole fiasco involving Janet Jackson’s nipple because I glanced away from the screen for the brief moment it was on screen. I am fortunate. I also heard there was a streaker. The announcers made jokes about it, but he/she/whoever didn’t get shown on screen.

Well, time to get through another week. I wonder when the density of the papers and other work piling up on me will begin to hurt. I’ll let you know.

Complaints Disintegrate

I was going to complain about the difficulty of having a billion different Super Bowl parties to attend and only being able to go to one. However, when one is canceled due to inclement weather, that leaves other options still open. Dare I test the roads?

I do!