Hope for Japan

From C. Ebbers, in Japan:

… But here in Japan, so few [J]apanese have hope or know what it is or even believe in it. Many of them do not and will not believe in something they can not see, or so they say. But actually they are believing in something they can not see all the time. And they do have hope, just not in a Savior. Their hope is; to get a good grade on a test, to be healthy, to have a lot of money, to get a job and so on. Yet, most of the things that they hope in are for there own security and enjoyment, and for the present time. But when the thought of hope in a Savior that gives abundant life comes along, well “that is just unbelievable, how can you believe in something you cannot see”. Please pray that GOD would open their eyes to see their need for Jesus Christ as a Savior. That they would believe the unbelievable. Please pray for the staff here, that we would grow more in understanding this hope that we have in Jesus Christ and that we would live in confidence of that truth.

I have also realized that I can not expect the Japanese or any non-believer to have hope in Christ on their own, because they do not know God. They do not know what God has to offer or really what His character is like without His revealing. So, that is why my (our) hope must be in Jesus for their salvation and that God will open their hearts.