Saturday is a Better Day

Saturday has been swell. I managed to read a total of five chapters from two of my books for this semester leaving only another 30 or so to catch up to my expected level of reading thus far in the semester. I’m also behind a five page paper. Yuck. But!

In the afternoon, I played Scrabble with Missy. We managed a close game and she won by four points in the end. She had many vowels and I had many consonants through the game. I had every major letter: Q, Z, J, and X. The Q killed me in the end because I couldn’t use it. Oh well, we shall meet in battle again, Missy! (It was fun talking, too.)

Now there’s two different parties I can go to tonight. Jenny’s got people coming to her place and Carly (a friend of Missy’s) is having a shindig as well. I’d like to spend a bit of time at both. I’ll figure that out later. I should probably take off soon though. Peace out!

Mel Gibson Interview

A brief bit of info about Mel Gibson’s upcoming film “The Passion” is available in an interview that will be aired Monday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on ABCNEWS’ Primetime.

“I think I just hit my knees,” Gibson says. “I just said, ‘Help.’ You know? And then, I began to meditate on it, and that’s in the Gospel. I read all those again. I remember reading bits of them when I was younger.”

In regards to accusations that the film is anti-Semite, he sums up well his views and those of the Bible.

When asked who killed Jesus, Gibson says, “The big answer is, we all did. I’ll be the first in the culpability stakes here.”

I Couldn’t Leave Her…

… if I tried (da da na da da na…)

Think Smashmouth remix. Yeah, you hear me clucking, don’t ya?

Java Love was tonight. Beforehand, I went to dinner with Varvel, Cora, and a bunch of other girls from the thirteenth floor. That wasn’t the only thirteen involved seeing as today (or at this point yesterday) was Friday the Thirteenth. I like the number thirteen, and today proved no exception. Dinner was great after we finally got seated.

We showed up late to Java Love. The speakers I saw (the last two sets) were what I’d expected. Not a bad thing, but I’ve heard it plenty of times by now and I’m still single, so in some ways it’s frustrating to hear people talk about being single and using that time to pursue God. Well yeah, I know I need to seek God. Perhaps I’m just more interested in hearing about how people got through the time without going INSANE and made it to the next stage instead of hearing all the little rules and regulations they set for themselves on the way. Well anyway, this isn’t a well-crafted exposition of my thoughts on the issue, but you get a hint of the flavor.

The dance was super-sweet. The songs weren’t bad, but they were definitely heavy on the oldschool DC Talk and Newsboys (think Luv is a Verb from DC Talk and lovelibertydisco from Newsboys). They played a few harder rock songs (Tait?) that were great for jumping around and headbanging. A few country songs for swinging. Some other swing, ska, miscellaneous. A few slow songs as well.

All I’ve gotta say is I need to put together some good grooves for this year’s formal. A couple T-Bone tracks, a little bit of L.A. Symphony, KJ-52, John Reuben. On the rock side, I’m not sure what I’d throw down. Maybe I can talk ’em into one hardcore/emo song that Soper and Perez can mosh too and I’d definitely be moving around not really knowing what to do but enjoying myself anyway. Switchfoot would have to be included for Sean. Rawkfist by TFK? Who knows. Now I’m rambling. Other ideas? Leave comments. I’ll have to find out who is doing the music, but I’m sure I can throw a couple mix CDs in their direction.

Well, I shall now depart. Fare the well, kind ladies and gents.