Did I mention I hate banks?

Did I ever mention I hate banks? Now I also have to add credit unions to that listed. I reordered checks online and never during the ordering process did it state that it cost anything. I always picked the minimal options that had no cost associated with them. I assumed the checks cost nothing since it never mentioned the price, even in a confirmation email I received after placing the order. So today I was obviously shocked when I logged on to find out that my balance in that account is negative $47 due to the check cost and an overdraft fee. I mean seriously. If you know me, this kind of stuff seems to happen a lot. This time it’s NOT MY FAULT!!!!! So I’m mad. Obviously.

Okay. I’m gonna start working on the paper now. For real.

Update: I did get the $28 dollar fee refunded. I didn’t get the paper done. Life.

Good Internet Radio Stations

Props to David Patras for pointing out RadioY, a station that offers Chrisitan Rock or “Hot” (Hip Hop) stations. I’m listening to it as I work down in the computer lab. (Okay, I’ll start working momentarily.)

Other stations I like are ChristianRock.net and Christian-HipHop.net.

I endorse all the music the rock stations play. They play some of my favorite bands, so I’m thrilled of course.

Career Fair

I went to the career fair today. I wouldn’t say it was very fair as I hardly found any employers looking to employ me. I expected it though. The good news is I did get a couple more websites to check out to find jobs. The problem with finding jobs from websites though is it removes the entire interaction process until they’re already interested in you. If you remove the element of connections from getting hired, what is it you have to bank on? I don’t want to get hired for what I can or cannot do, I want to get hired for my good looks and charming personality. Alas, that is not to be the case for at least a while longer.