Happy Snow Day!

Wow, what luck. I wasn’t paying any attention Saturday night, then I woke up yesterday morning and everything was icy. Cora got in my car and I started scraping the windows. * scrape scrape scrape * “hmm….” * scrape scrape scrape * I heard Cora laughing from in the car. We decided that the 5 milimeters of ice would take half an hour to scrape off, so we decided we’d be late for church so we went back inside.

Last night was even more incredible. I got word of people going sledding, so I met them down in the lobby at 9pm. In our search for sleds, we wound up at the Wal-Mart south of town. Apparently, “it’s spring in retail.” Ok, seriously, IT’S SNOWING PEOPLE! Sell us sleds. Wal-Mart would’ve made at least $10 if they’d been selling sleds yesterday.

We got to the hill out at Holmes Lake yesterday, climbed to the top, and then we made use of the cardboard boxes we’d acquired. They managed fairly decently, although they were destroyed and wound up in the garbage by the time we left. So benevolent souls gave us a real sled which faired far better than the cardboard even though the sled was beat up and worn.

Afterwards there was hot chocolate and popcorn in Ray’s room, then back to my room. Oh, the joy of non-wet clothes.

And then I woke up and then I checked the internet and then I found out school was cancelled and then I decided to stay up since the day’s first activities didn’t involve trudging to class through the snow.

So now I have more time to study. * sigh *